Mandatory Training

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Mandatory Training is a yearly refresher course for all healthcare professionals whether part time, full time or agency workers.

The aims and objectives of this Mandatory Training for Healthcare Assistants courses package is to enable care healthcare and clinical support workers to meet their mandatory training requirements in line Health and Care Professions Council, Care Quality Commission and CSTF framework (whether it is induction, refresher training or as annual updates for healthcare and clinical support workers).

To that end, our mandatory and statutory modules for health and social care workers are guided by the following:

• Standards set by the Health and Care Professions Council and the Care Quality Commission

• The Care Quality Commission (CQC) guidance for health and social care workers

• UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF)

• CQC frameworks’ and guidance for mandatory training for healthcare support staff

We have developed appropriate mandatory training packages for clinical and healthcare support staff to meet the CQC quality standards and performance ratings. Our health and safety training courses for healthcare assistants help to reduce injuries and avoid subsequent claims due to negligence and malpractice, improve staff morale, provide safe and effective care and improve the patient experience.

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